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Side-lit LED Panel Light

  • Side-lit LED Panel Light

Side-lit LED Panel Light

The Tonya Light LED Panel Light  is designed to fit into a suspended ceiling grid but also has the versatility to be surfaced mounted onto any flat surface such as an internal wall or ceiling. Additionally, each unit comes with an external LED Driver (with a simple Female-to-Male connection), and Surface Mounting Brackets

Great source of illumination delivering up to 120lm/w with a fantastic 120 Degree Beam Angle using an Anti-Glare frosted lens to diffuse the light evenly and comes with a White Frame finish. 

Great for Offices & Commercial installations but it is equally just as good in your home - especially if you are unable to have recessed lighting installed.  Panel lighting is also being widely used by designers for Light Installations or Back Lighting.

An energy efficient, very bright LED Panel Light that has multiple installation options.

Led Panel Light

LED Light Source: Philips Lumileds® 2835(Cree/Orsam optional)
High Brightness Design:LUXEON 2835 2D: L130-3080003000W2C---180LM/W
IESNA LM-80 Test Report,
Description of LED light sources tested
No Light Radiation Damage:The whole lamp has passed the EN62471 standard and complies with the latest CE standards.
Driver: AGT/BOKE/LIFUD(Philips/Orsam optional)
Dimmable:0-10v/DALI optional
Flicker Free Isolated Power Supply:The wide pressure input power supply 480V can be applied to carious kinds of power grids.
Emergency Lighting Function led panel light


Induction method: microwave induction / infrared induction optional
Input Voltage(V) :AC(100-295V) 
Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w) :100-120
CRI (Ra>) :80 
Working Temperature(℃) :-20 - 50
Working Lifetime(Hour) :50000
Lamp Body Material :Aluminum Alloy 
Certification :CCC, CE, ETL, RoHS,UL,DLC,SAA

LED parameter

Brand Name        Humidity             Working Temperature
Philips                10%~90%                  -30℃~60℃
High Brightness, low decay LED to ensure good performance, safety working current to ensure long life span of LED.

Emergency Lighting Function

It can work on normal mains and automatically switch to emergency supply in the event of a power failure toprovide sufficient light and ensure safe evacuation in emergency situations.


A variety of mounting options are available, hoisting, tube mounting and wall mounting.
Three installation methods,hook ring,adjuxtable bracket,tube.
Choose different installation modes according to different application scenarios to implement multiple scenarios.

LED Energy Costs 

The higher the wattage of a light globe or lamp, the higher its running cost. Compared to traditional forms of industrial lighting, LEDs have significantly lower wattage for the same level of light output. That’s why switching to LEDs significantly reduces electricity consumption and, accordingly, your power bills.


Suitable shipyard, mine,workshop,warehouse,toll gate,supermarket,exhibition hall, stadium, etc.

Reimagine Energy with Tonya Energy Solutions 

Interested in learning more about how LED warehouse lighting solutions could help move your business forward? Tonya Energy Solutions has worked to create future-ready businesses across World, and can work with you to reimagine your industrial lighting system. Get in touch today to find out more about commercial LED solutions today.
IES Testing Report

Optical Design
We have a team of professional engineers to assist customers with optical design and can provide DIALUX files.
ISO Certified Factory | 12 Years of Led Experience | OEM&ODM | Short Delivery Time | Low Defective Rate | Professional R&D Team
Led street light samples are available.  Please contact us "" for further details.

Led panel light performance parameters
Input Voltage AC100-277V 50/60HZ
Power Factor ≥0.95
Power Efficiency ≥85%
LED Luminous Efficiency ≥125lm/w
CRI Ra>80
Color Temperature Warm White 3000K
Day White 4000K
Cool White 5000K
Operating Temperature -40~+60
Housing Material Aluminum alloy
Lifespan 50,000hours

 LED Panel light US standard Series

Model Power Consumption(W) Dimmable LED Luminous Flux(lm) Size(mm)
TY-HSPT2x2-40W 40 0-10V 5200±10% 603x603x10
TY-HSPT2x2-50W 50 0-10V 6500±10% 603x603x10
TY-HSPT1x4-40W 40 0-10V 5200±10% 1212x301x10
TY-HSPT2x4-50W 50 0-10V 6500±10% 1212x603x10
TY-HSPT2x4-60W 60 0-10V 7800±10% 1212x603x10

 LED Panel light EU standard Series

Model Power Consumption(W) Dimmable LED Luminous Flux(lm) Size(mm)
TY-HSPT6x6-40W 36-40 0-10V/DALI 4800±10% 595x595x10
TY-HSPT62x62-40W 36-40 0-10V/DALI 4800±10% 620x620x10
TY-HSPT12x3-40W 36-40 0-10V/DALI 4800±10% 1195x295x10
TY-HSPT2x6-54W 54 0-10V/DALI 6500±10% 1195x595x10
ISO Certified Factory | 12 Years of Led Experience | OEM&ODM | Short Delivery Time | Low Defective Rate | Professional R&D Team
Led street light samples are available.  Please contact us "" for further details.

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    SM06 LED Street Light

    Tonyalight’s LED street light fixtures bring roadway and parking area illumination into the 21st century. Our patented optics maximize light distribution and placement with exceptional, low-glare illumination on the intended area, while minimizing light trespass into nearby homes and businesses. Designed for both new installation and facilities currently using HID cobra head-style fixtures, Tonyalight’s high-grade aluminum alloy A360 housing with high-durability powder coating provides superior performance and longevity in virtually any environment. The Tonyalight street light offers outstanding long-life reliability to dramatically reduce energy and maintenance costs, all backed by our 5-year warranty.

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    Solar led street light All in one integrated light-SSL05
    Color: black and grey 
    Wattage: 20-50W 
    Dimension: 750*257*102mm/945*298*127mm
    LED: LUXEON 5050LED 
    Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w) :160 
    IP rated: IP66 solar led street light

  • SB02 LED Shoe Box Light

    SB02 LED Shoe Box Light

    LED shoebox area fixtures also function as flood lights because they are similar in shape to large-scale traditional flood lights. LED shoebox flood lights are typically used for football fields, car dealerships and building facades, and are mounted with a slipfitter mount, trunnion mount, yoke mount, or wall bracket. What makes shoe box flood lights different from area lights is the light distribution. LED flood lights use beam spread classified by its NEMA type. The NEMA beam spread measures the horizontal and vertical spread of the light that range from very narrow (NEMA 1x1) to very wide (NEMA 7x7). LED shoebox flood lights have varying color temperatures like 3000K warm white, or 4000K and 5000K coool white.

  • SM08 LED Street Light

    SM08 LED Street Light

    Product Name :LED Street Light
    LED Light Source: philips 3030 Chip
    Warranty(Years): 5
    Input Voltage(V) :AC85-265V 
    Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w) :160
    CRI (Ra>) :85 
    Working Temperature(℃) :-20 - 50
    Working Lifetime(Hour) :50000
    Lamp Body Material :Aluminum Alloy 
    IP Rating :IP65
    Certification :CCC, CE, ETL, RoHS, UL

  • FL19 LED Flood Light

    FL19 LED Flood Light

    LED parameter:Philips Lumileds® 3030(Cree/Orsam optional),High Brightness, low decay LED to ensure good performance, safety working current to ensure long life span of led flood light.

    Power Supply (driver) features:Taiwan Mean Well driver which meet international input standard;Power Factor is 0.95; Power supply efficiency is 90%.Their protection function are short-circuit, overload, over voltage, over heat, etc. Built-in current limiting circuit, so that output voltage and current can be adjustable. Built-in active power factor correction function to ensure power efficiency.

    Heat sink features:Extruding with high quality alloy extrusion, and progressing with special spray; panel use waterproof optical lens, so that its feature is salinity resistance and high light transmittance.

    Energy saving:100W LED flood light can replace 300W HPS light; led flood lamps can save 65% electricity.