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The Problem with Conventional led Street Lighting

The Problem with Conventional led Street Lighting

The Problem with Conventional LED Street Lighting

Street lighting is as important today as it was several years ago. Traditional street lighting systems have been useful over time. But, they have caused the following problems for cities, municipalities, and residents:

High Energy Consumption

First of all, the energy consumption of traditional street lights is high. Street lighting accounts for up to 40% of the total energy usage in many cities. During cold weather, traditional lamps need more energy to produce light.


Over Lighting and Light Trespass

Over lighting is another problem. Traditional HID bulbs cannot dim and thus provide unnecessary bright light.

In some cities, even with low amounts of pedestrians and cars, street lights operate at high intensity. This leads to wasted energy and environmental issues. LEDs can be controlled and dimmed to provide lighting when required.

Light trespass occurs when street lights produce unwanted light. They shine onto adjacent residential properties. Unlike LED, traditional HID lights are not capable of producing directional light.


Maintenance Intensive

Another problem with street lighting is the maintenance of traditional lighting systems. Due to their short lifespan, they need relamping and servicing quite often. Money spent on purchasing new lamps, fixtures, and on labor could be spent on better programs. A LED light could operate for 10 years without the need for maintenance.



Poor Quality Lighting

High pressure sodium produce yellow light and have poor color rendering ability. Everything appears brown and yellow.


Lamp Location

Old fashioned street lighting on some streets distributes uneven. Lamp posts are far apart from each other, creating wide dark patches. In other locations, some critical areas along the street do not have lamp posts. And as cities have developed, lamp locations have not been re-assessed.

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