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Led Stadium Light---Race Track Lighting

Led Stadium Light---Race Track Lighting

Led Stadium Light---Race Track Lighting

LED-motor-speedway-lightingYou will realize that many people who own their own tracks work in the day. This leaves them with no alternative other than racing either in the evening or on the weekends. During winter, the days are shorter meaning that dark will come knocking early and unless you have race track lights, your race will stop early because the sun will soon fade. In case of such a situation, race fans with a mentality that they can only end a race with a plaid flag will be disappointed.

a. Importance of motor speedway lights

Having the perfect race track lighting is a clear picture that your next racing activities will be a great experience for all your visitors and fans. The track lighting system will add the venue’s appeal and provide accessibility and security as well. Due to advanced technology, LED lights have dominated over the LCD lighting system. These lighting systems are designed in a way they will save your energy and also have a low maintenance cost. These lighting systems are easily available to users because a number of the lighting industry manufacturers and sellers are providing them to the customers. Today, almost all race tracks are using LED lights because they are energy efficient and durable. They differ in features and benefits depending on their use.

Track racing flood lights are very crucial because they are the most used in a racing activity. What closes your mind when you think of it? Track racing includes horse race, car race, motor cross race, athletics, cart race, greyhound and many more. The installation requires to be carried out by an expert electrician. When installing this high level of electricity, one has to consider the infield and outfield lighting activities. The infield lighting system should light the entire sports arena giving the fans a clear vision of the events happening. These indoor lights should be set in a way they would disrupt the vision of the competitors. The outdoor lighting system includes the car park lighting, office lighting, entrance lighting, finish line lighting, garage lighting, broadcasting lighting and many more.

b. Why using LED lights for race track

long-lasting-and-energy-saving-LED-race-track-lightsLED race track lights will keep the track lit for 9-years plus without having to worry about them. The field lights are also very easy to use because you can install them to any height and since they have a long life span, no replacement will be required any time soon. The moment they are fixed, you are guaranteed that they will last for years without any maintenance. Lighting for racetracks and in our case, the LED lights are the best because they consume less electricity. This is an added advantage because track owners can easily afford them and since track racing is an event that takes place even in the late hours of the night, one can save about 75% on energy.

All these lighting systems will fulfill the desire for your track. Proper lighting helps you get the best of out of the finest architectural features that are not available in other lighting systems. The track lights vary from types and designs which match the theme and style. In case you are shopping for the flood lights, you can easily get confused or overwhelmed by the many options. However, a well-designed track lighting system has the versatility that will serve the entire filed giving the fans the best enjoyable experience in all the racing events.

12. Velodrome (Cycling Arena)

velodrome-lightingBicycle racing has become a popular sport in many cities. However, this competition different from other general sports in terms of venue, setting and lighting equipment. A velodrome features a sloped playing field with a gradient from 13 to 47 degrees. In competitions, bicycle riders reach speeds more than 85km/h. Racers are also very close to each other that a single mistake can lead to grave accidents. So, it is crucial to install velodrome lighting. What makes these lights different from the rest is that they offer enough brightness while eliminating the glare. The cycling tracks lights are arranged uniquely to ensure they meet the different types of matches including chase races, competition races, as well as time trials.

a. Lighting for cycling track

These lights are also different from ordinary track lights. They are designed to offer the right lighting levels at the same time enhancing the visual environment of the athletes, match officials as well as the spectators in the venue. To make this possible, these lights have a reduced glare, as they minimize the lighting shadow in front of the racers in the Velodrome. Velodromes are also filled with cameras that monitor the performance of the athletes. For this reason, it is crucial to ensure that the arena is fitted with non-flickering lights. This enables the audiences watching the race from television to get clear pictures. At the same time, these lights must meet the correct illumination ratio, gradient, and three-dimensional lighting.

b. Top-class standard lighting

Bicycle track lighting is not only designed to offer an impeccable performance during the race, but they also need to meet the requirements of large-scale world-class tournaments. To achieve this, the lights come with various switch modes that are customizable to deliver the desired results. As you might have guessed, most of these lights are LED. One of the main advantages of LED lights is that they are energy efficient. They also come with a longer lifespan, making them easy to maintain.

c. Types of lighting used in velodrome

Besides the track lights, a velodrome is also fitted with high suspension LED ceiling lamps. These lights come with effective reflectors. These reflectors are extremely useful as they enhance the lighting for up to ninety-five percent efficiency. By combining the convenient design and efficiency, these lights will help the velodrome owners save on energy bills. They are also economical thanks to their high luminosity and longer life span. When compared to traditional mercury, sodium lamps and metal halide lights, these lights help save energy consumption for up to fifty percent. They also deliver a well-balanced light with no glare, providing a comfortable lighting environment for spectators and racers.

Furthermore, the velodrome lighting system also includes the high-efficiency flood LED lamps. What gives latest velodrome lights an edge over the traditional lights is they have better heat dissipation mechanism. They also have a better thermal conductivity, which helps in minimizing the temperature in the LED junctions. Besides prolonging their life, minimal heat dissipation also reduces air conditioning costs. What’s more, these lights come with a special asymmetrical light emitting diode lens that projects the light evenly on the surface. This does not only prevent light loss bit also improves light utilization, making it ideal for both outdoor and indoor stadium lighting.

13. Gymnastics Lights

A gymnasium lighting system is a very important factor in creating a friendly atmosphere that appeals to those who use the facility. The ambient lighting in the gymnasium must be enough to ensure safety of the users. Gymnasium have special lighting needs and you can select different type of luminaries like metal halide, Led or HID. Here are some factors to customize your space according to your requirements

a. Choose LED’s

You may ask if LED’s are better than metal halide in Gymnasium? Yes, LED’s are a better choice because you can decide on the wide range of color temperature that ranges from 2500 to 7500 K. You can select smaller temperature, if you want to have warm color and higher temperature of around 6000 to 7000 K, if you want to have cool color temperature. However, most users select a temperature that resembles close to natural sunlight, which is 5500 K. In addition, the lifespan of LED’s are usually 10 to 20 times higher than traditional lights, and are energy-efficient too.

b. Choose low glare, high uniformity lights

Gymnasiums have a lot of smooth, glossy surface, and a glare during workout is highly distracting to the users. And, low lighting areas in the gym can make your client feel low-energy. To fix these issues, choose lights that create uniform brightness throughout the area like lights with wide surface areas.

c. Choose appropriate lumen output lights

Workout area is one of the most crucial areas in a gym due to the fact that it is where users spend most of their time. Choosing a light with appropriate lumen output is highly essential in these areas. During a workout, most users need gentle level of brightness, and if the lights are too bright, it will create discomfort to their eyes or cause distraction. To minimize this, choose appropriate lumen output and combine it with other tactics like diffusers and milky or frosted lens covers. Yet another way is to cast lights upwards, rather than casting it downwards.

14. Snooker Table Lighting Fixture

Snooker table lights represents more than ambiance, as it is intended to provide the illumination needed to play the game. If you think that your regular ceiling light will work for your snooker table, then you are wrong. The snooker table lights are designed to spread light evenly across the table so that the balls are clearly visible and minimize glare.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind before buying a snooker table light fixture:

a. Design of snooker table lights

Most well-designed snooker table lights will have 1 to 6 shades which are around 52 to 62 inches long. There are no strict rules regarding snooker table lights because these tables are available in various sizes. For a 7 to 8 ft. table, a 50 to 60 inch long light would suffice. However, pay attention to the quality of lights so that the glass won’t shatter all over the table when you accidentally hit it with the cue.

b. Brightness

Having the right brightness of light will prevent any annoying glare and deceiving shadows being cast on the snooker table. Too bright lights will irritate and cause glare, and too dim light will affect your depth of perception during playing. Most snooker table lights allow the use of 60 Watt bulb, but it is not uncommon to use a 40 Watt bulb if you find a 60 Watt bulb to be too bright.

c. Hanging the light

Setting your snooker table lighting at the correct height is essential. When you set it too high, you are going to blind yourself and your opponents, and too low, you are going to hit the light shade with your cue after every shot. Hang the lights 60 to 63 inches above the floor or around 30 to 36 inches above the green surface of the table.

d. Center the lights

In addition to hanging the snooker table lights at the right height, it is essential to center your snooker table lights correctly. If the light is not centered, it will cast odd shadows and angles during your game.

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