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Led Stadium Light--Gymnastics Lights

Led Stadium Light--Gymnastics Lights

Led Stadium Light--Gymnastics Lights

A gymnasium lighting system is a very important factor in creating a friendly atmosphere that appeals to those who use the facility. The ambient lighting in the gymnasium must be enough to ensure safety of the users. Gymnasium have special lighting needs and you can select different type of luminaries like metal halide, Led or HID. Here are some factors to customize your space according to your requirements

a. Choose LED’s

You may ask if LED’s are better than metal halide in Gymnasium? Yes, LED’s are a better choice because you can decide on the wide range of color temperature that ranges from 2500 to 7500 K. You can select smaller temperature, if you want to have warm color and higher temperature of around 6000 to 7000 K, if you want to have cool color temperature. However, most users select a temperature that resembles close to natural sunlight, which is 5500 K. In addition, the lifespan of LED’s are usually 10 to 20 times higher than traditional lights, and are energy-efficient too.

b. Choose low glare, high uniformity lights

Gymnasiums have a lot of smooth, glossy surface, and a glare during workout is highly distracting to the users. And, low lighting areas in the gym can make your client feel low-energy. To fix these issues, choose lights that create uniform brightness throughout the area like lights with wide surface areas.

c. Choose appropriate lumen output lights

Workout area is one of the most crucial areas in a gym due to the fact that it is where users spend most of their time. Choosing a light with appropriate lumen output is highly essential in these areas. During a workout, most users need gentle level of brightness, and if the lights are too bright, it will create discomfort to their eyes or cause distraction. To minimize this, choose appropriate lumen output and combine it with other tactics like diffusers and milky or frosted lens covers. Yet another way is to cast lights upwards, rather than casting it downwards.

14. Snooker Table Lighting Fixture

Snooker table lights represents more than ambiance, as it is intended to provide the illumination needed to play the game. If you think that your regular ceiling light will work for your snooker table, then you are wrong. The snooker table lights are designed to spread light evenly across the table so that the balls are clearly visible and minimize glare.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind before buying a snooker table light fixture:

a. Design of snooker table lights

Most well-designed snooker table lights will have 1 to 6 shades which are around 52 to 62 inches long. There are no strict rules regarding snooker table lights because these tables are available in various sizes. For a 7 to 8 ft. table, a 50 to 60 inch long light would suffice. However, pay attention to the quality of lights so that the glass won’t shatter all over the table when you accidentally hit it with the cue.

b. Brightness

Having the right brightness of light will prevent any annoying glare and deceiving shadows being cast on the snooker table. Too bright lights will irritate and cause glare, and too dim light will affect your depth of perception during playing. Most snooker table lights allow the use of 60 Watt bulb, but it is not uncommon to use a 40 Watt bulb if you find a 60 Watt bulb to be too bright.

c. Hanging the light

Setting your snooker table lighting at the correct height is essential. When you set it too high, you are going to blind yourself and your opponents, and too low, you are going to hit the light shade with your cue after every shot. Hang the lights 60 to 63 inches above the floor or around 30 to 36 inches above the green surface of the table.

d. Center the lights

In addition to hanging the snooker table lights at the right height, it is essential to center your snooker table lights correctly. If the light is not centered, it will cast odd shadows and angles during your game.

15. Soccer Stadium Lights

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. With billions playing and enjoying it around the globe, it is no wonder that soccer fields need to have proper lighting. After all, it is hard to organize games, especially professional ones without having the ability to play once the sun goes down. Fortunately, with the use of soccer stadium lighting setups, any pitch can have as much light as its teams, officials and spectators need. In this regard, there are two big categories of soccer lights that any field can employ. Here is an overview of both of these.

a. High Mast Based Lights

This is the traditional setup for any soccer lights, no matter if they are located on a small field used for practice or a top-level league team. These include a cluster of strong lights being hoisted up onto a high mast structure. This thick metal pole or a pillar of some type is used to hold the lights in place and then point them at an angle towards the pitch. Usually, there are four such locations on any field, one for each corner. This makes sure that the goal line on both ends is properly illuminated, while the center of the field gets enough light from each of the light clusters. Today, the height of the mast can differ and provide different weight-bearing characteristics. This way, even small training pitches can get light from smaller masts, or more than four masts can be used on a field.

b, Stadium Based Lights

This lighting setup is possible when a pitch is surrounded by some type of stadium. When it is present, numerous individual lights are positioned inside of the stadium structure, usually the edge of its circular roof. This way, a halo of lights that surrounds the pitch is created. It produces great illumination and almost no shadow direction, unlike the mast-based light setup.

With both of these setups for soccer stadiums, the same sport is able to make sure that its games are well-light at any time of day or night.

16. Hockey Rink Lighting

A hockey rink can either be indoors or outdoors. But no matter the place, it should always offer a conducive environment for both players and fans. Therefore, installing a good source of lighting makes sense in whichever case. So, if you’re searching for a high-quality illumination to complement the fast-paced games or simply want to learn, then you’re at the right place. Here is what you need to know about hockey rink lighting;

a. Light distribution and color temperature

In the game of hockey, top-notch lighting takes center stage to help players hit or stop their target, that too at a faster rate. Therefore, consider installing a uniform set of lighting to avoid confusion and make seamless transitions. And as for the color temperature, the ideal choice should be one that resembles daylight. This offers uniformity, especially if the game is going to be broadcasted live on TV as they make filming much easier. And this can be achieved by the use of LED lights.

b. Light direction

Since the hockey arenas can also be used for other activities such as ice skating, having flexible lighting sources comes in handy during such times. You can easily pre-set the levels and various patterns according to the needs of the games at hand. Also, LED flood lights, for example, make it easy to direct the brightness where it’s needed; the ice and the benches, while seamlessly excluding other areas such as the seats. The beauty that comes with it is outstanding; magnificent.

c. Beneficial digital lighting

With the presence of the energy saving, cheap to maintain and versatile LED lights, both teams and Arena owners can now rest easy knowing that they have found a solution for a lifetime. They beat the traditional metal lights by far. In fact, they are now popularly referred to as an all-inclusive package. No more shadows, but more fun in the game.

17. Swimming Pool Lighting

People like to swim, even if it is in a swimming pool and the enjoyment of taking a dip can be extended at night. But for safety reasons, many are limited to swimming at night. This is especially true for children since taking a dip in the pool at night is not ideal as many problems can happen. In most cases, many often have difficulty seeing in the dark let alone see what others are doing. But the existence of swimming pool lights can make it possible for adult and children to swim at night.

a. Color of Lighting

There are different things you need to consider when choosing the right pool light. Firstly, you need to decide what color you want your light to be. Are you getting your pool lighted just so that you can see better while swimming at night? If so, then perhaps plain white or yellow colored lights will work for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking to beautify your pool, then there are loads of other colors for you to choose from. You can even purchase lights that change color after a certain period to provide variety to the colors in your pool. You might want to hire an engineer to help you choose and to be the one to assemble your lights. Remember that electricity and water is not a good match. One mistake and you could end up electrocuting yourself.

b. Long-lasting Swimming Pool Lights

You should also make sure the light lasts a long time so that you won’t have to call in the engineer to change the light bulbs too often. Now that you have a better idea of how to add beauty to your pool with swimming pool lights, you should start researching on them now.

Proper lighting is very important in the swimming area, especially at night. Resorts have to install these underwater lighting supplies to make sure that there are no guests present while they are conducting their routine nighttime maintenance.

c. Safety for Swimmers

Aside from this, swimming pool lights will certainly ensure the safety of their swimmers. Guests often have no idea where the deeper end of the pool is. If the swimming area is lighted, they can correctly gauge the depth of the water. Another important thing is that the lifeguards present will be able to see clearly if anyone needs help inside the pool.

At home, this is also very important. Having underwater lighting supplies will ensure that homeowners know they’ve reached the far end of the pool. This is essential so that they don’t bump their heads right into the wall. When you have children at home, you can make rounds at night and be sure that there’s no one inside it.

Pool lights, aside from bringing safety to the area, can also add some style. These supplies can be availed in several colors. You can have the standard blue water or go hip and funky with pink, yellow or green glowing lights. The vibrant lights will add some life to your evening pool party. If you have formal evening parties at home, the wonderful pool lighting that you have can add pizzazz to your backyard area.

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