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Led Stadium Light--Basketball Court Lighting

Led Stadium Light--Basketball Court Lighting

Led Stadium Light-Basketball Court Lighting

Who says that sports are now only a daytime option? If you are someone who is passionate about basketball, and simply loves shooting hoops after a long stressful day, then there is no need for you to feel bad and complain about long work hours. All you need is a great court in your backyard with some quality basketball court lighting.

a. How good lighting helps?

It is not sufficient to just have any kind of lights in a basketball court. While basketball can be pretty safe in a controlled environment, it can also get very dangerous if the simple safety rules are ignored. It is important that while assessing the basketball court lights, you also consider various factors that could affect visibility.

Reflection from the surface of the court, choosing the wrong colors for the walls in case of a closed court which can refract and scatter light in all directions, natural lighting from the sun during daytime, and reflection from the snow in case your location gets a lot of snow during winters are some factors that must be considered before choosing the brightness of the lights for your court.

Too much light can also impair visibility and they can make you feel extremely uncomfortable and can cause you headaches. Sometimes, due to too much of reflection, you may even misplay a shot, and get seriously hurt or injured. Thus, it is vital that you get an expert to take care of doing the setup for you.

b. Getting the setup done

It is not necessary that you get the complete work done by a professional. If it isn’t in your budget, you can do some of the work by yourself – like getting the court painted, and the walls are done. For the actual basketball court lighting, you can hire specialists who would complete the job in less than a day’s time. Since they charge by the hour for setup apart from the equipment, it would be best if you planned everything in detail, and got all the necessary things ready so that they complete their job quickly.

However, if you are serious about your basketball practice, and wish that it becomes more than just another part of your backyard, then you can look at packaged services. This comprises of every single thing involved, right from planning the space, the landscaping of the court, the colors for the walls and the floor, and the placement of the lights. They assess the area first and then give you a solution which would be perfect for your requirements. They would also ensure that all the safety aspects are taken care of.


5. Golf Course Lighting

While there’s nothing wrong with playing golf during daytime, playing it under the lights after darkness has always been a novelty especially in areas where the climate tends to be cooler at night. Despite this uniqueness, illuminating a golf course is never easy if you don’t know how to go about it. This is because most golf courses are generally not designed to be lit. With the right knowledge however, it can still be attained.

a. The brightness level of golf course lighting

When lighting a golf course, the main priority always revolves around making the golf course as comfortable as possible for the players and spectators. This therefore brings one question to mind; how bright should the golf course be? For those not familiar with lighting jargons, brightness is always measured in terms of lux, and that’s what should be considered when lighting a golf course.

In golf, the brightness level will affect how the players and spectators see the golf trajectory. For this reason, it’s generally advisable to ensure that the horizontal brightness of a golf course ranges between 80 and 100 lux. Given that the flight path of the ball can also go up fairly high, there should be a vertical brightness ranging between 100 and 150 lux. This vertical brightness will give both the players and the spectators the chance to sufficiently see the entire flight of the ball all the way until it drops even if it’s running at a speed of 200mph!

b. Uniformity levels and hitting area lighting

high-uniformity-lighting-for-driving-rangeWhen lighting a golf course, it’s important to ensure that light is uniformly spread in such a way that it’s not too bright to affect the players and the spectators or it’s not too dim to make playing challenging. In that regard, lighting should be installed in such a way that the player doesn’t produce shadows, especially in the hitting area. For this reason, it’s always important to ensure that lighting aims at the playing direction and is done in the same way as it’d be done in a residential environment, except that it has to cover a far greater distance.

c. Reliable lighting

Another important part of golf lighting is reliability. You do not want to install the kind of lighting that would flicker, especially when play is underway. This will seriously dent play and both the players and spectators might miss those crucial moments that golf is known for. Again, you’d want the type of lighting that’s not detrimental to the eyes while still being energy and cost efficient, as well as durable. In that regard, you should always consider using LED lights when lighting a golf course since it has all the above-stated features.

Installing lighting in your golf course isn’t just about extending play time. It’s about offering a better experience for both players and spectators, and also about investing in the future – one that encourages playing golf at night! No matter the plan or design, golf course lighting should always place priority on players’ comfort, as well as those of the spectators.


6. Baseball Field Lights

All baseball fields play a distinctive role when it comes to providing a wonderful familiarity on the sports field. Installing an excellent quality sports lighting system on your athletic field and in this case, a baseball field will give a lot of benefits to the players as well as the fans. This includes the safety of athletes, improve the experience of the fans and also flexibility when scheduling for practices and games. When you decide to light your household batting cage or commercial ball field, consider the field maintenance plans and the budgets as well because they may change to contain any additional play.

a. Quality lighting for baseball players and spectators

Visitors and spectators always enjoy a great experience in a well-lit baseball field. Besides the great experience that the baseball stadium lights provide via the excellence light output, they also provide ample energy savings for the playing fields that pay to manage them. A baseball filed may consist of both outdoor and indoor lights. When we hear of indoor baseball field lights, what comes in mind is the bathrooms, the hallways and also the concession areas while outdoor lighting, we think of the stadium lighting which hits the field. Proper light direction and illumination are fundamental in baseball stadiums, and since a baseball can move for miles per hour in the course of the game, ensure that the field is lit evenly because this allows maximum visibility to both outfield and infield activities. It’s also very essential to ensure that you avoid a direct glare to the athletes from the light sources.

b. Different types of baseball field

Keep in mind that the lighting requirements for any baseball stadium depend on the type of play, be it a small league, high school league, college league or a professional level league. Today the LED technology has become very popular and is widely being applied to the sports fields industry. There are multiple reasons as to why it has increased popularity. Major League Baseball has endorsed a sustainability movement which focuses on energy efficiency and this one of the reasons they are embarking on using LED lights in their fields. If you having to light up the indoor or backyard batting cage, it takes less amount of lights; besides, the lighting requirement will not be so rigorous.

c. Advantages of using LED lights

LED system will reduce the cost of lighting making it more sustainable and practical, and this will help save energy to about 70 to 80%. The LED technology also comes with better experience. You realize that most of the spectators go to the stadium expecting a good experience and the field lights today are creating a perfect experience making spectators attending to enjoy the game.

You will agree with me that a stadium will never be fun without security and that is where stadium lights come in. Baseball field lights play a major responsibility during visibility as well as motion detection, hence enhanced security efforts. It is crucial when your fans and visitors feel secure with the proper security and lighting measures at the same time maintaining a proficient public view.

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